Fraud Prevention and Detection

Fraud is the emerging giant on the criminal landscape, with the estimated annual cost of fraud exceeding $8.5 Billion in Australia.

The average business loses five percent of revenue to fraud each year, according to the ACFE.

2012 Report to the Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse.  With most fraud events occurring and sometimes in progress 18 months before detection, occupational fraud is a significant threat to small business.  At Veritas, we can undertake a fraud examination and determine areas of risk and possible loss.

Risk Management is an essential component of any successful business, yet sufficient resources are often not allocated to this critical area to prevent financial loss.

Veritas Corp can provide you with practical and cost effective guidance on the types of risks that should be managed, and how to effectively mitigate the most common risks within your business.

Fraud can happen to anyone. Maintaining awareness of the ever increasing threats is essential to protecting yourself and your business.

Our Fraud Investigation and Forensic Accounting Services include:

  • Occupational Theft
  • Superannuation Fraud
  • Divorce and Family Law matters
  • Expert witness reports and testimony
  • Quantification of losses
  • Litigation support
  • Financial irregularities